ES-87 Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

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Everybody get Keyed Up!

Meticulously designed from the ground up to have the utmost reliability and a clean minimalistic look; the Keyed Up Labs ES-87 keyboard's rigid construction uniquely maximizes the tactility and durability of authentic Cherry MX mechanical key switches while offering features and modern styling that appeals to power users and professionals. Whether you're a serious writer, a competitive gamer, or a jack of all trades; you can depend on the KUL ES-87.

Also, the reduced "Tenkeyless" layout of the ES-87 embraces a new-ergonomic standard by dispensing with the often unused tenkeypad and allowing operation of a pointing device nearer to the body; thereby reducing shoulder strain. Multi-OS compatibility along with modern styling and unique color options make the ES-87 an inspiring and competent addition to any home or office workstation.

Distinctive Characteristics

Extra-rigid construction in a class of its own with a thick steel key switch backplate and a sleek low-profile case sets this mechanical keyboard above the rest. Clean logo-less design and so many features that exude quality...

  • Switch Variety
  • Configurability
  • Convenience
  • Extra Power
  • Rock Solid Design
  • Multimedia Friendly


Layout: "Tenkeyless" 87-key US ANSI layout w/US English legends
Key Switches: Authentic Cherry MX Switches w/4mm keystroke and Gold-Silver (AuAg10) contacts; rated up to 50 million keypresses
OS Support: MS Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux/Unix Compatible
Electrical Interface: USB 1.1 Low Speed and PS/2 with included passive interface
Cable: Detachable 2.0m A to Mini-B USB cable
Dim/Weight: 364 x 144 x 37mm (50mm with feet down) / 1.0kg
Keycaps: ABS keycaps with lasered legends; key-pitch 19.05mm
Illumination: Low Intensity Blue LEDs on Caps Lock, Left Ctrl, Esc, and Scroll Lock keys
Power Requirements: 150mW (5V @ 30mA)
Certifications: CE & FCC
Warranty / Origin: 2 years parts and labor / Made in Taiwan

What's in the box?

1. ES-87 Keyboard
2. USB Cable
3. Passive PS/2 Adapter
4. Reusable PET Keyboard Cover
5. Keycap Pulling Tool
6. Additional Keycaps: Esc, Caps Lock, Left Ctrl, Backspace, and Backslash
7. Operation Manual


ES-87 Datasheet Rev 1.0


ES-87 Manual Rev 1.2 (2014-08-28)

ES-87 Top Case Replacement How-To Rev 1.0 (2015-02-20)


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Documentation Errata


Hardware Errata

Mar-2015: Some ES-87s may not be able to wake OSX from sleep.

Latest Reviews

It takes a serious player in the keyboard world to really impress us these days, and we will not be letting this keyboard leave the office for some time to come.

This board is what I'd expect from a company with years of experience in peripherals, the fact that this is their first product makes me excited to see what they will be producing next.

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Smoke w/White Top Case


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