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Keyed Up Labs Announces High-End Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

May 16th, 2014

Keyed Up Labs (aka KUL), based in Irvine, CA releases their first reduced form factor Cherry MX switch based mechanical keyboard, the ES-87. Designed with professional typists and gamers in mind, the KUL ES-87's sleek design offers choice of different tactile mechanical switches and multi-OS compatibility in a standard "Tenkeyless" US layout. Key features of the ES-87 include an angular modern case, extra-rigid steel backplate to prevent keyboard flex, swappable Ctrl and Caps Lock, detachable USB cable, media keys, big grippy rubber feet, and power-user friendly configurability through on-board DIP switches. USB and PS/2 interfaces ensure both forward and backward compatibility.

USA and Asia availability in June, 2014; MSRP $129.00. Full product info available at

Keyed Up Labs was founded in 2014 in Southern California and prides itself on producing the highest quality mechanical keyboards for professionals, gamers, and computer enthusiasts.

Keyed Up Labs
2372 Morse Ave, Suite #239
Irvine, CA 92614 USA

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