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Does the world really need another keyboard company?

Probably not, but we do believe the world could use more attractive and more reliable selection of keyboards! So here we are!

What makes your mechanical keyboards different from other brands?

We pay painfully close attention to every single detail of the design and manufacturing processes and have very high standards for quality. The result is *not* the cheapest product amongst our competitors, but hey, we're not riding on a brand image that was created selling computer memory and power supplies -- our company has been founded on years of R&D for just keyboard construction and keyboard ergonomics. We're shooting for second-to-none quality, excellent reliability, and above average aesthetics -- we hope that is worth a few extra bucks to our customers.

Do you make a keyboard for my language, key layout, or operating system?

Maybe! This is dependent entirely on the product in question. Please consult our product pages for availability of these features. Custom configurations may also be available for large orders; i.e. > 100 units.

Why don't your products do this or use material X or component Y?

We're constantly working to find the best solutions and innovations for our customers. Our observations are that many manufacturers are uninterested in making improvements that aren't visual and immediately apparent in big flashing lights; allowing esoteric subtleties such as user experience, reliability, and durability to get swept under the rug. That's not how we roll! Have an idea that you think might have slipped past us? Let us know!

Product Support

Looking for installation instructions or need help with your KUL product?

Website: Please visit our Product Pages for download of specifications, product manuals, installation guides, etc.

Email Support: If you cannot find the answer to your product question on our product pages, then please contact for further assistance.

Warranty Support

KUL Limited US Warranty Terms

Period of Limited Warranty: 2 years for the cost of parts and labor, up to, but not exceeding the original retail purchase price PER WARRANTY CLAIM without limit to the number of valid warranty claims.

Outside of Limited Warranty Coverage: The warranty shall not cover damages caused by inappropriate use; including usage in high humidity or high dust environments, acts of nature, or failure due to connecting the keyboard to inappropriate devices. The warranty shall also not cover damages resultant to the loss of data or software or equipment that the product is attached to.

Warranty Service: US warranties are only valid for KUL products purchased from an authorized US distributor and include one-way shipping and repair or replacement of the product with a functionally comparable product of equal value.

Warranty Qualification: A pre-authorization RMA number is required and can be attained by contacting with the following information:

  1. Product Serial Number
  2. Date of purchase
  3. Name of retailer purchased from
  4. Description of problem
  5. Return shipping address

Still have questions?

For pre-sales information, please contact

For after-purchase warranty support, please contact